Sermon Notes

Gospel of Luke: Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

Introduction to the Two Volumes (1:1-4)

(Introduction to the Second Volume Acts 1:1-5)

The Origin and Spirit Indwelling of Jesus (1:5-4:13)

(The Origin and Spirit-Indwelling of the Church Acts 1:6-2:47)




PDF Download iconLuke 3 – John the Baptist


Sequence of Events

No.Worship Task 
MC welcomes members and recites opening prayer.
MC introduces worship leader.
Worship team sings first 3 songs.
Gustavo Vega delivers a message.
Doug Lay delivers the sermon.
MC steps up and offers a communion prayer and announces communion.
MC requests offerings and delivers announcements while offering is collected.



3. Everyday Fellowship is supporting two missionaries families, Eric & Melissa Davis and Jennifer.

4. Ken Baehr distributes coats and hoodies to the homeless and people in shelters. If you have extra coats or hoodies please give them to Ken or drop them by the tech booth. We need sizes "large" and bigger.

5. The men of Everyday Fellowship are invited to a Monday night prayer meeting at 7:00pm at Ken & Sue Baehr's house, 2787 Westminster, Florissant, 63033.

6. The women of Everyday Fellowship are invited to a Tuesday evening Bible Study titled "Art Inspired By His Words", hosted by Sue Baehr. Start time is 6:30pm. It is at Sue's home, 2787 Westminster, Florissant, MO 63033.

7. Prayer requests and our offerings from prior weeks are listed in the bulletin. Please keep our folks in your prayers.

8. Announcements are posted on the Everyday Fellowship Facebook group and at

After announcements, if collections are still being made, worship team plays background music.
MC says closing prayer.
Worship Leader sings final worship song and dismisses congregation.
MC = Emcee

WT = Worship Team

Worship Leader

Gustavo Vega

Worship Songs

The Lord Our God
This Is Amazing Grace
Scandal Of Grace
Jesus Paid It All