Pastor Gary L. Pleasant Delivered the Sermon 9/19/15


Senior Pastor Gary Pleasant.

Pastor Gary L. Pleasant has been serving as the Senior Pastor and Founder of New Life Christian Church since May, 2001.  He will be delivering God’s Word Saturday 9-19-15 to our congregation.  Pastor Pleasant has a unique message and is a dynamic speaker.



Pastor Pleasant’s bio.




No.Worship Task 
Jen Welcomes members and recites opening prayer.
Jen introduces worship leader.
Worship Team sings first 3 songs.
Worship Leader invites Pastor Pleasant to give the sermon.
Pastor Pleasant says sermon prayer and delivers the sermon.
Jen steps up and offers a communion prayer and announces communion.
Worship Team plays background music.
Jen requests offerings and delivers announcements while offering is collected.

1. We are gathering information and intend to apply for 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit church in the state of Missouri.

2. Watch your email,, and the EverydayFellowship Facebook group for more information and links to draft-copies of the bylaws which will be posted late next week.

3. Remember folks on the prayer list.

4. Announcements will be posted on FB Everyday Fellowship group and at

5. Your suggestions and questions are welcome.

6. The sermons are recorded and usually available by Sunday afternoon.

7. Please fill out the contact forms, if you haven't, and put them in the offering buckets.

After announcements, if collections are still being made, worship team plays background music.
Jen says closing prayer and requests Worship Team perform closing song.
Worship Team performs closing song and thanks members for attending.
MC = Emcee
Jen = Jennifer
WT = Worship Team, Nathan Marcotte and Braden Dilly